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Blue Bear- Cali Dream (Melon Bomb)

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Melon Bomb-

When Cali Dreams created their original flavor, Melon Berries, they were looking for a mellow but delicious blend to appeal to people looking for a relaxed vaping experience. Mixed berries, combined with creamy melon, made for a sweet taste that any vaper could, and can, enjoy. With strawberry and other harvest berries (blueberry, raspberry, etc.), you’re getting a tangy twist on a classic taste that almost everyone loves: strawberry remains one of the most popular choices when it comes to fruits, and flavors in general. The berries are combined with the mild taste of melons to make a lightly sweet taste, pleasant and fruity. It’s a delightful blend on its own; but Cali Dreams did not stop there. Instead, they elevated this scrumptious blend to the next level. They took the main flavors in Melon Berries—strawberries, harvest berries, and melons—and put them on ice. Melon Bomb is like a blended drink with all your favorite fruit flavors, mixed together and served in a frost-covered glass. It’s a vape that allows you to imagine that you’re sitting on the beach somewhere, enjoying a cool drink to fight the heat of the summer… but you can enjoy it whenever and wherever you want; no need to travel to California, or wait for the summer. This is also a menthol-free blend, so there isn’t any sensitivity or overpowering chill. Instead, it’s just a gentle, chill taste added to an established flavor. You can take this cooling, relaxing flavor with you in your pocket; it’s a quick and easy way to enjoy a break whenever the mood strikes you. Like all Pillar of Clouds products, this is a high-quality e-juice that creates an enjoyable vaping experience from the beginning of the bottle to the end. Grab a bottle of Melon Bomb today and prepare for an explosively good experience!


Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Harvest Berries, Melons, Chilled

 *Low Salt Nicotine used for a smoother and more flavorful Vaping Experience!* 

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