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Blue Skies- Cali Dream

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Blue Skies-   Blue Skies is the (literally) cool cousin of Cali Dream’s Red Skies. Red Skies is inspired by a tropical sunset: sweet, fruity flavors of strawberry and tropical punch is mixed with kiwi and lime to create a citrus-infused blast of tropical-flavored sweetness. It’s a tasty love note to a California evening. Blue Skies, on the other hand, is a shout-out to the beautiful blue skies that daytime California is renowned for. Like Red Skies, it includes the same delicious blend of fruits and flavors: strawberry, kiwi, lime, and tropical punch. However, Blue Skies is infused with an icy blast that gives it a chilled quality, more like an icy blended drink than a relaxing fruit cocktail. The icy taste is not from menthol, but from other chill ingredients. No menthol means no sensitivity and no altered taste; instead, you get the full effect of the tart, fruity flavors. If you like sweet flavors, this is a must-have vape; it’s a cool and refreshing experience that is sure to revive you. The icy taste will make you think of sitting in the shade while the California sun shines above; you’ll imagine palm trees and warm beaches with crashing blue waves. With a Pillar of Clouds vape, you are guaranteed a sweet, summer vape that is full of flavor but is also top-quality. Grab a bottle today and feel as cool as cucumber, no matter where you are or what you’re doing… Blue Skies has you covered!

 *Low Salt Nicotine used for a smoother and more flavorful Vaping Experience!* 

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